Privacy Practices for Our Newsletter Subscribers

How we handle your personal information with respect and care.

Privacy Practices for Our Newsletter Subscribers

We value the trust you place in us when subscribing to our newsletter. This section explains how we handle and protect the personal information you provide when signing up to stay connected with Daround Records.

Data Collection for the Newsletter

For our newsletter subscription at Daround Records, we prioritize collecting essential information to enhance your experience. When you subscribe, we ask for your first name and email address, which are fundamental for personalizing our communications with you. Additionally, we automatically collect the default language set on our website during your visit, ensuring that our newsletters are accessible and relevant to you. To further tailor our content to your preferences, we may request optional information such as your birthdate, favorite streaming service, and region or country. This data helps us curate more accurate and meaningful news for you. For instance, your birthdate enables us to filter out content with explicit lyrics as necessary, your region helps us inform you about concerts or release dates specific to your area, and knowing your preferred streaming service allows us to provide direct links to music on the platform you use most. These additional details are optional and are requested to ensure that the content we deliver is as relevant and enjoyable as possible.

Purpose of Data Collection

At Daround Records, the personal data we collect from our newsletter subscribers is used with a specific purpose in mind. We are committed to keeping you informed and engaged with our world of music. The data you provide when signing up for our newsletter is used exclusively for sending you regular updates about our artists, news from our blog, and information about new releases. We ensure that each newsletter is filled with valuable and relevant content, bringing you closer to the heartbeat of Daround Records.

Opt-In and Consent

Daround Records ensures a transparent and consent-based approach to newsletter subscription. Our dedicated subscription form is designed to provide clear information about the newsletter’s content, allowing you to make an informed decision. For other interactions, such as our contact form, we include an optional, unchecked checkbox for you to express interest in subscribing. Additionally, we may present a modal window after form submissions on our website, offering a straightforward choice to subscribe to our newsletter. This method ensures that your subscription is always a result of your active choice, reflecting our commitment to your privacy and the right to opt-in.

Unsubscribe Option

We at Daround Records understand the importance of choice and control over your inbox. Should you decide to opt out of our newsletter, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. In every newsletter we send, you will find an ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom. Clicking this link will guide you through a simple process to remove yourself from our mailing list. This ensures that you have the freedom to subscribe and unsubscribe at your convenience, maintaining control over the communications you receive from us.

Data Sharing and Security

At Daround Records, we take the privacy and security of our subscribers’ data very seriously. We want to assure you that the personal information collected for our newsletter is never sold to any third parties. We are committed to safeguarding your data with the highest standards of security. Our internal protocols are designed to protect your information from unauthorized access, ensuring that your trust in us is well-placed and your privacy is always respected.

Changes to the Newsletter Policy

Daround Records is dedicated to maintaining transparency and trust in all our communications. Should there be any changes to our newsletter policy, these updates will be promptly published on this dedicated page. We encourage our subscribers to periodically review this section to stay informed about how we manage and protect your data. Your continued subscription after these updates will be regarded as acceptance of our revised practices.

Contact Us for Privacy Concerns

For any questions or issues related to privacy and the handling of your personal data, Daround Records is here to assist. Instead of a direct email address, we provide a more secure and organized method through our contact form. Select ‘Privacy Policy’ as the subject of your inquiry. This approach ensures that your privacy concerns are directed to the appropriate team and are addressed efficiently and securely.