Discover Our Story at Daround Records

Dive into the heart of Daround Records, where music and passion intertwine. Our journey from a bold idea to a leading voice in the music industry reflects our commitment to artists and innovative music. Learn more about our unique approach and the philosophy that drives us forward.

A Bit of Our Founding History

The inception of Daround Records is deeply interwoven with the personal journey of its founder, Amann Autran. The label’s distinctive logo and font, featuring a striking strikethrough on the ‘U’ and ‘D’ in ‘Daround,’ reveal the word ‘Daron’ when these letters are omitted. This design is not merely artistic but holds a profound significance. The term ‘Daron,’ a colloquial word for ‘father’ or ‘old man,’ became a pivotal point in Autran’s career. During a meeting with a major label, he was labeled as a ‘Daron’ by an artistic director, who suggested that he would not be as flexible as needed for the label’s needs, in contrast to a younger artist. This remark was a turning point, underscoring a disconnect where labels were interested in his music but not in embracing his individuality as an artist. This moment of realization ignited the founding of Daround Records, a label that champions the artist’s identity as much as their music, symbolizing a commitment to authenticity and creative freedom.

Mission and Philosophy

At Daround Records, our core mission extends beyond mere music production; we strive to forge a deep connection between artists and their audience, promoting an immersive engagement with their unique universes. Our approach doesn't confine us to a single musical style. Instead, we focus intently on the essence of music and the artists behind it.

We believe that music transcends being just a form of entertainment. It is an art that evokes emotions, whether through poignant lyrics or captivating instrumentals. Our philosophy centers on this power of music to stir feelings and create experiences. By highlighting the artistry and individuality of our artists, we aim to bring forth music that not just entertains but resonates on a deeper, more personal level with our audience.

At Daround Records, every note played and every word sung is an expression of our dedication to celebrating music as a profound artistic expression.

Our Evolution

Since its inception, Daround Records has been on a continuous journey of growth and adaptation, particularly in how we spotlight our artists. In an ever-evolving music landscape, understanding the trends and consumption habits of listeners, especially on social media, is paramount. We recognize that having great music is just one part of the equation; ensuring it reaches and resonates with people worldwide is equally crucial.

To achieve this, our team is constantly innovating, testing new methods, and launching campaigns designed to maximize visibility and enjoyment of our artists’ work. We believe in a dynamic approach, where adapting to changes in how music is consumed and shared is key to our artists’ success. Our evolution reflects our commitment to not just keeping pace with the music industry but leading it, creating new opportunities for our artists to shine on the global stage.

At Daround Records, it’s not just about creating music; it’s about creating a movement where each artist’s voice is heard and celebrated by a global audience.

Artistic Focus

Daround Records prides itself on not being restricted to a single genre of music. Our artistic focus is anchored in two essential aspects: our genuine enjoyment of the music submitted to us and the establishment of a significant human connection with the artists. These elements are vital in our decision to proceed with an artist.

Our approach is characterized by selectivity, both in terms of genre and the number of artists we collaborate with. This deliberate choice allows us to provide concentrated and dedicated support to each artist, enhancing their career development effectively. At Daround Records, we view our artists not just as part of our roster but as members of our musical family. We commit to nurturing their talents, respecting their artistic visions, and empowering them to realize their fullest potential.

In addition to fostering individual artist growth, we actively encourage and facilitate connections, collaborations, and synergies between our artists, even if their musical universes seem distinct. This cross-pollination of styles and ideas often leads to innovative and exciting musical creations. We also provide shared resources like synthesizers, rhythm composers, and studio space, ensuring our artists have access to the best environment and tools for their artistic endeavors.

Our catalog’s diversity is a testament to this philosophy, showcasing a wide range of musical styles and artists, each with their unique voice and narrative. For us, it’s about the quality of the music and the artist behind it, rather than conforming to a specific musical genre

Our slogan: “No Bullshit, Just Music”

At the heart of Daround Records lies our guiding principle and slogan: ‘No Bullshit, Just Music.’ This succinct phrase encapsulates everything we stand for. It’s a commitment to authenticity, a dedication to the art, and a clear statement of our approach to the music industry. We cut through the noise and focus on what truly matters – the music, the artists, and the raw emotions they evoke. This slogan is not just a tagline; it’s our ethos, driving every decision we make and every artist we support. It’s a promise to our artists and listeners alike that we will always prioritize the genuine, the heartfelt, and the real in everything we do.